New Hoverboard models for sale in Spain

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Come and touch the future with our wide range of hoverboards for sale! Full 12 month warranty, and a wide selection of colours and options.

Why walk when you can hover? Check out our hoverboards for sale!

Andalusia in Southern Spain is a gorgeous region. It’s also a very hot gorgeous region. It’s not called the centre of “sun and sand” tourism for nothing! So when you’ve only got a day or two to see everything - the beautiful beaches, the awe-inspiring architecture and the chic shopping, you’re not going to want to trudge around on foot in the Southern Spanish sun. You’ll be a puddle of no fun in no time.

It’s pretty clear that hoverboards, (otherwise known as self-balancing scooters, smart scooters or hover skateboards) are one of the biggest trends of the last year.

Just a few years ago this sort of technology would have been total science fiction, or at the very least, well beyond the grasp of us normal folk!

Thanks to modern technology, these gyroscopically geared gadgets have hit the mainstream like a storm, and are more affordable than ever!

You’ve probably seen them on Youtube, people gliding along, somehow balancing on two wheels, often with bright LED lights flashing at their feet. How on earth are they doing that? Well it’s not as tricky as it looks!

Our hoverboards have technologically advanced gyroscopes that keep your centre of gravity balanced, by independently powering electric motors on each wheel. If you lean forward, the hover board moves forward. Lean back, it moves back.

Lean just on your left foot, it turns to the left. So after just a few minutes, it’s an extremely intuitive, and most of all, fun experience!

Only we provide full service and repair within 24h!


Motor 2x350W
Tires 6.5inch solid rubber tires
Max Speed 10 km/h
Range 15-20 km
Min/Max load ≥20kg / 120kg
Battery Lithium Battery 36V,4.4Ah
Use time 2-4h
Charge time 2h-3h
Max Climb ≤15°
Colors Black, white, yellow, gold, blue, red

Buy now! 399 Euro/unit.

We have a huge range of colours and options, including LED lights and Bluetooth available.

Best of all, we have a full 12 month warranty; if anything goes wrong with your hoverboard, we do our best to have it repaired within 24 hours. Only we offer this fast service!

You can buy direct from our Sotogrande offices, or we can deliver to anywhere in Spain.