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Longboards & Skateboards

Rent a Longboard (skateboard) and enjoy beautiful Cádiz province. From Manilva to Tarifa or one of the many great surrounding areas of Gibraltar. Why not cruise through the amazing Spanish towns and enjoy their architecture.

Longboarding (skateboard) is cool! It is very similar to surfing and skateboarding. The board is longer and wider than a skateboard, which gives you more stability and allows you to skate faster. Also there are different types of boards: lower to the ground which are lighter and makes the pushing or stepping much easier, and higher off the ground which are more stable.

There are no strict rules on how to skate on a Longboard (skateboard), all you need is to adjust your body weight to create steering action.

Our Longboards (skateboard) are designed especially for cruising and long-distance travelling and transportation.