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Andalusia features some of the most exotic and breathtaking scenery in Europe- so why not travel in style on one of our futuristic hoverboards , e-scooter or segway for rent?

Andalusia is a gorgeous region in the South of Spain. It’s also a very hot gorgeous region. It’s not called the centre of “sun and sand” tourism for nothing! So when you’ve only got a day or two to see everything - the beautiful beaches, the awe-inspiring architecture and the chic shopping, you’re not going to want to trudge around on foot in the Southern Spanish sun. You’ll be a puddle of no fun in no time.

So what are the other options for getting around the Andalusian tourist attractions? Well, you rent a car. But then you’ll have to learn the local road rules, pay gas, insurance, avoid parking fines and wrestle with the locals for road space.

Or you could get a tour operator to show you around the Andalusian attractions. Well, then you’re stuck seeing what they want to show you, with a bunch of people who want to see stuff you don’t want to see, and you’re still walking around in the sun all day long. Oh, and it’ll cost more too.

So why not just rent one of our hoverboards, e-scooter or segway? We have offices in both Cádiz and Sotogrande, where you can come in, give our hoverboards, e-scooter and segway a try (under the watchful eye of our trained, English-speaking staff), and be on your way cruising through some of Spain’s oldest sights and scenes in one of the coolest ways possible. We’ll even kit you out in all the safety gear you like!

Once you try our hoverboard, e-scooter and segway, you’ll wonder why you even considered walking around. They really are a whole bunch of fun to ride on, and it’ll add a whole other dimension of fun to your time in the sunny South of Spain.